This is How You Can Decorate Your Living Room for Less

Want to renovate your living room but on a pinched budget? We feel you. After all, we desire to have a plush living room because we spend a maximum of our time in there watching TV with the family, sharing drinks and gossip with friends, and playing board games with the little army. If you have been told that you need to burn a hole in your pocket to make your living room stylish, let us tell you that it’s a myth. With small pocket-friendly tweaks, you can go big on the glam factor. Let’s decode these simple hacks.

1. Simple Reorganization of Furniture: Break free from the typical layout of furniture where the coffee table is placed in the center and your sofa sets are pushed to the wall. First analyze the layout of your living room, stop making TV as the focal point and try to create a different point of attraction. For example, bring all your furniture closer, place it diagonal to the TV wall unit and replace your center table with two table ottomans, space them out a little, and let them take the center stage of your living room

  1. Repaint Your Walls: The color of your walls can entirely change the look of your living room. If you have dull walls of beige or white, go ahead and add a pop of color by painting only one side of the wall that’s facing the entrance of the living room. It will immediately capture the interest of the visitors. Instead of plain paint, if budget permits go ahead with getting it stencil painted to add an interesting pattern to the wall. This is will instantly uplift the look of your room.

3. Make You Space Lively with Planters: Yes, you read that right, adding plants to your living room is the most effective way to make it naturally bright and that too without having to spend a lot. Place a stylish potted plant with some exclusive-looking leaves on your coffee table to make the room look welcoming. If you have TV unit cabinets, then place few succulents there too. If you think you don’t have the time to tend these plants, then get faux plants that look almost real from the nearest fancy store.

  1. Add New Accessories: Adding some cute showpieces, mirrors, artwork on the wall are all great ways to decorate your house for less. If you have books, place a small stack on your coffee table as an acting stand to hold your potted plant.
  2. Pay Attention to Refurbishment: Sometimes all your living room needs is a change of fabric of your sofa and the drapes in the room. Choose the sofa fabric that’s in contrast to the walls, for example, if your walls are stark white, get a sofa fabric in bright reds, yellows, or even purple. And if you already have bright walls, then go easy on the fabric color, and stick to neutral shades. Move your curtain rods slightly higher than the window, and hang longer curtains, this creates an illusion of high windows and larger space.

Try these unbelievable stylish ideas that are not heavy on your pocket!

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