Experience Himalayan paradise with Himachal Pradesh’s greatest treks

In the lap of the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh offers the best trekking experiences of India. Nothing beats the thrill of trekking Himachal Pradesh for a real mountain lover or an adventure lover. Treks in Himachal, with a dose of adventure, are sure to give you life-length souvenirs through some of the most beautiful sceneries.


Treks in Himachal are truly exciting as you walk through lush valleys, meandering rivers, snowcapped peaks, gorges, remote villages, and more. The beauty is amazing, but the experience is long appreciated.


See the Himachal Pradesh Treking List.


Triund Trek


Triund in Himachal Pradesh, one of the easiest walks in India, is one of the best locations for adventure. Triund offers stunning views over the mountains and Kangra Valley, nestled in the laps of the Dhauladhar Mountains.


The journey begins at Mcleodganj, India’s Mini-Tibet, where His Highness the Dalai Lama makes his residence. The 6-kilometer path goes through a lovely mixed oak and deodar woodland. The adventure expedition finishes at the campsite where you can enjoy a getaway out of town.


Kheer Ganga Trek


Hidden in the splendor of the Himalayas, the Kheerganga trek is definitely among the best in India and is not just a popular trek in Himachal Pradesh. The amazing beauty and unfathomable excitement are the ideal dosages for mountain adventure lovers.


Pass by the Parvati Valley slopes, hidden villages, and untouched nature. The views are relaxing for your senses in particular. The therapeutic waters of the hot water spring are also found at the very end of the trail. Kheer Ganga, the name of the trek, comes from the source of water, which has medicinal properties.


Hampta Pass Trek


The Hampta Pass Trek is the ideal starting point for trekking in the Himalayas. Two stunning Himachal-Kullu valleys link with Lahaul, beautification beyond words, on the Hampta Mountain Pass. Start your exploration through apple orchards, green wilderness, and settlements from the lush Kullu valley. When you continue to move, the landscape changes. The route turns into an almost unclear and challenging topography as soon as you enter the Lahaul valley.


The gradual climb enjoys and challenges the expedition. At Chendertaal, the moon-fashioned Himachal lake, the fascinating highlight of the trek is a rest.


Prashar Lake Trek


The hike in Himachal Pradesh, named after the lovely cerulean Prashar Lake, takes you in one word to the very heart of the blissful Himalayas. The Lake Prashar is named after a rishi in Hindu mythology, which is surrounded by the imposing Dhauladhar ranges in Kullu Valley. The trekking place gives a stunning view of most of the trekking routes from Dhauladhar, Pir Pinjal, and Kinnaur.


The walk is basically a joking adventure, ending with a stop at the camp on the banks of the lake. The lake has a floating island in it, as it is a sparkling gem surrounded by mountains. Sit down on the campsite for a night.


Malana-Chanderkhani Pass Trek


Malana to Chanderkhani, a hidden treasure of the Himalayas, is one of India’s best treks. This experience is totally incomparable for a real mountain lover. Start your walk from the picturesque town of Naggar, near the Manali mountain resort. Lush green valleys, snowy hills, the traditional houses of the Himachali, and the happiness of the Himalayas in most areas.


The views of the truly beautiful Kullu and the Parvat valleys are opening up as you enter Chandrakhani Pass. Meanwhile, some of the last remnants of Alexander Great’s army are just a short trek from the mystic Village of Malana, synonymous with Aryan descendants legends.


Bhrigu Lake Trek


Trek to Lake Bhrigu is one of the happy events in the Himalayas in the middle of the gladdening of Himachal Pradesh. Because of its easy access to high altitudes, the Bhrigu Lake Trek is one of the best in India. The trail includes a chilling adventure in the complex and difficult mountain landscape. The highlight of the trek is that the so-called hermitage of Bhrigu Rishi lies beside the cerulean Bhrigu lake.


The path starts from Manali to the happy mountains. Hanuman Tibba Range, Deo Tibba, Indrasen Mountain, Seven Sister Mountains are stunning panoramas. On your trip also you can find a beautiful view of the grazing pastures of the shepherds of the Gaddi.


Beas Kund Trek


Beas Kund is a lake in the Himalayas at high altitudes. The lake is one of the most beautiful things in India, combined with holy legends and particularly the trek. It is the trail that leads to the very high peaks of the Himalayas in short distances that makes this trek unique. Nothing beats the feeling of a Beas Kund Trek for a real mountain lover.


Start your tour from the renowned ski and paragliding Solang. Start your journey. Cross magnificent Dhundi and Bakarthach wetlands. Wonderful of Hanuman Tibba’s majestic hills, the Friendship Mountain, Sitidhar, and 7 Sisters. Walk up to Kund Glacier Beas in the meantime. Enjoy some of the most valuable mountain views on the trek.


Deo Tibba Trek


Deo Tibba Base Camp is one of the most beautiful hiking trails of the country, a treat of the Himalayas. The stunning trail is largely unknown to trekkers, so it provides the excitement of a memorable trip. Cross wild prairies, woodland, mountainous terrain with snow-covered summits, lakes, rivers, and glaciers.


Take the look at Deo Tibba and Indrasan’s snow-capped peaks. Increasingly charming are the glaciers of Jagatsuk and Deo Tibba. This wonderful walk is simple to moderate adventure that favors experts and amateurs alike.


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