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Homeowner Guide: Full House Interior Design Secrets that You Should Know!

Are you a homeowner who is frustrated with interior designs? Are you inclined to check up on every little detail and corner of your house? Well, if the answer is yes, this article is perfect for you.

Admit it or not, not everyone has an eye on interior designs. That is why interior designers exist; they are experts on that because that is their forte or field of specialization. But how can you crack the normal? How can you save up your money from paying an interior designer? No worries! This article will save you from that dilemma as it gives you a short guide that tackles the interior design secrets you should know.

1) Color Combination

Finding the right combination of colors or shades to light up your house is a big plus. In interior designing, you must choose three shades of colors that are complementing each other. Best interior designers share this technique because, according to them, it highlights the theme or mood of your house that you want the visitors to feel just by looking at the colors.

2) Find an Inspiration

Social media is one powerful tool that you can use if ever you want to look for samples of famous houses’ interior designs – be it a simple one or a celebrity-owned house. You can also check magazines for popular or trendy interior designs. After checking on sites and magazines, you can now apply the ideas you have gathered and add some enhancements when applying them to your own house.

3) Be creative with Do-it-Yourself Decorations

The DIY hacks in all facets of our everyday life have been a big surprise, especially during this pandemic. You can never go wrong with doing decorations on your own since you can always watch videos online for specific instructions or a step-by-step guide. Aside from the fact that you save a penny, you can also do it the way you like it; your style and your way. Handmade kinds of stuff are eye-catching and pleasing to the eyes. 

4) There is always magic with murals

Murals add spice to a dull and plain space in your house. You cannot deny the fact that these artworks bring a livelier aura to your room. Some even add mystery, especially the abstract pieces of artwork.

  1. Go High-tech!

A lot of innovations have been recognized in the technology industry today. You can always integrate a touch of high-tech gadgets or appliances into your house. It would also highlight a particular space in your home as you emphasize its design or decoration. Some homes use a luminous color to highlight the high-tech gadgets available in the area.

6) Mix and match

One technique you can do in your house is to mix and match things that complement each other. Some designers do this with old and new stuff. They find it interesting to see how the oldies’ stuff match very well with the new stuff. An excellent sample of this is when you put vintage fabrics into the high-tech room, but of course, still with a careful selection of colors to overpower the other. You should still need to maintain the balance in everything that you see.

7) Choose the right furniture

Sometimes the furniture says it all. If you have the right group of furniture to put in your house, everything else will follow. If you search the internet or online shops, you will find a wide array of furniture. But you still have to consider your budget while looking for good quality furniture. Remind yourself to always live within your budget. Specify the furniture that you need most. For instance, if you need an accent chair, then only type and search the terms accent chairs to buy online for a more detailed set of furniture to choose from. By doing so, you can also avoid spending more than what is necessary. Buy what you need first, before your wants.


In designing and decorating your own house, it is necessary to jot down everything you need to buy and take note of every area you need to fix or reinvent. Be clear with envisioning your future interior design so that you know exactly where you want to go. Please make use of old stuff and mix them with the new ones. Be creative and innovative. By doing so, you can save a lot of your money while getting satisfied with your interior design.



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