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Facilities management includes a range of disciplines and services to ensure the cleanliness, security services, front office, receptions etc. This includes the services that are important for the proper functioning of an organization. It also ensures a clean and workable environment for your employees and an attractive environment for your visitors.

You must know about this emerging field to know about the opportunities that could benefit you and this article will even help you to know whether your company/business needs facility management or not.

What is Facility management?

Before heading towards the further information on this topic firstly you should know what facility management actually is, basically, facility management is divided into 3 broad categories:-

  1. Maintenance of office and the workplace
  2. Ensure everyone is getting what they want.
  3. Integration of workplace technology.

Integrating these Facilities in the organization will make the work of your employees way more easier, as good facilities leads to good management. One of the best techniques of facility management are used by google which focuses on the mental well being of their their employees a lot. They made their workplace very creative and colorful to make working a bit fun for its employees and other good example of facility management is what I have seen in lucknow, the facility management services in Lucknow used by a company to keep their workers active was commendable.

Quick facility management tricks and tips

Aside from providing your employees with a worable environment facilities management is one of the way that companies seek as a way of reducing costs.

Many companies see the workplace as an asset that is totally in their hands and for this purpose they invest literally a lot on just their facility management. Here are some ways of lowering costs of facility management:-

  1. Utilize the space
  2. Create workplaces according to the needs of everyone because not everyone likes their workplace in a same way.
  3. Optimize workplace by digitizing your workplace.

Who sets the standards for FM

Just like the standardizations in other field, some standards are fixed even in the field of facility management by some national and international organizations such as:-

The International Standards Organization (ISO); namely ISO 41011:2017

The International Facilities Management Association (IFMA)

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) (U.K.)

The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA)

These organizations set a standard for facility management and change them with the change of time and the change of trends in the industry.

Developing the action plans for the facility management

The action plans of facility management includes submitting of maintenance records, Strategizing a move, and evaluating vendors. These action plans helps in the functioning of a company . Just providing employees with a workplace is not enough, their must be some rules and restrictions for the employees for proper functioning of an organization.

Traits of a facility manager

The role of a facility manager is very diverse and the responsibilities are never ending. The more talent you have, the more accomplished you are for this field.

Here are some of the skills that are needed in a facility manager:-

  • Must be able to organize and maintain a organization
  • Leadership skills plays a vital role
  • Problem solving and creative skills are needed
  • Risk management quality
  • Must be able to give attention to details.

These traits help in the management, functioning and organization of an organization.

Change yourself with the evolution of the industry

Facility management is an evolving field, trends are changed every next day, being recessive to change is not a good decision in this field.

Facility management is an emerging and diverse field and is a very good career option with innumerable career opportunities as Many Facility Management Company in Noida, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Patna and many other parts of India are being esestablished on day to day basis.

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