The Spellbound and Surreal Experience of Wandering Soul: Goechala’s Trek



Goecha La: Heart full of eternal memories – A tremendous and thrilling experience. All of us are travelers, we look for, we search for, and we work to achieve what we love. If you’re looking for what makes you happy, you’re too encouraged and inspired to drive them. Once there, we perceive the dream to come to give us a more joyous, joyful heart. It’s just like pumping adrenaline with more energy and enthusiasm throughout your whole body. This is what I felt when I saw the earth’s heaven. Being motivated and happy gives you a lot of courage to achieve what you want in life.Visit Now and explore this snow covered place




Take the fun of nature and walk through the fields, to walk up to high altitudes covered by snow, swimming clouds, and abrupt changes in weather, give you a fascinating and unbelieving experience. I could say, have no words to explain to India the beauty of the Himalayas – the Crown. When this idea came up with our organizer Siva swaroop, I only said yes. A group of 12 members from Aishu, Prašanna, Binny, Sravan, Appu, Adarsh, Chitrakavi, Gangi, Ranjith, Siva Swaroop, Subbu, Rafi and me were formed from there.


Day 1  Hyderabad to Yuksom


The journey/adventure that we had dreamed of is now here. It began early in the morning with our group from Hyderabad. Flight to Bagdogra from Hyderabad to Kolkata. We hired a vehicle to get to Yuksom after reaching Bagdogra, an adventurous route and we had a nice lunch along the way. The road to Yuskom took 8 hours, and we got there by 8 p.m. It’s a great trail. Your resting time to begin a new day with more to discover.


His busy work schedule, so we had to fly to Bagdogra. We both had started listening to songs and doing dance, some people staring at us but we didn’t mind that we enjoyed it. Flight trip was boring, we were all sleeping except me and swaroop. Kolkatha airport has a good food at all times and when you are non-vegetarian, at the airport, you have to try fish Momos.

Train journey Info:

The train to Howrah is running in 28hrs, and no frequent train to Jalpaiguri is running on Howrah, so you have to go to Sealda (7km). By bus it costs 10 lbs. To the New Japanese Sealdah. From the station of Jalpaiguri to Siliguri via road (10 lines). There are a lot of taxis and busses from Siliguri to Yuksom. Only road transport is provided for Sikkim.


Day 2: uksom to Tshoka


It’s a big village in west Sikkim, a historical city. It was nearly 330 years ago the first capital of Sikkim (1642 AD). It has many famous Buddhist monasteries and monuments. Be at the head of national park Khangchendzonga and as a base camp to walk to Khangchendzonga Mountains. Yuksom is therefore regarded as an Eco-tourism model village. The Rathong Chu Valley is another highlight in Yuksom. Culture/agriculture is the main work they do to live in. The climate in Yuksom is pleasant from March to June and September to November, while December and February are coldest in the winter season.


My day began with a cup of warm black tea, a nice view of beautiful flowers with birds. You have to wear warm clothes, Yuksom is cold, beautiful. This place I fell in love. His time in order to start our journey;), we had breakfast at 8 a.m., had lunch packed, and prepared our bags. Aishu and me gave the backpacks to Yaks, because when we were in our natural lap, we want the lighthouse to be as light as snow, our backpacks are heavy, too. (While hiking, we can give our language yaks to be carried, one yak carries language of 3 people costing 500 per day). The dry fruits, the water and certain emergency needs were on our little bag.


Yuksom is 17km from the sea level 9650 ft to the Tshoka. The SACHEN lunch (7200 ft) planned for nine days of trekking will remain in SACHEN to explore this place further. The hilltops and the dense forest give you an insight into the perfect wildlife. This is not too a very developed and confined place for tourists. We started to Tshoka after 30 minutes of rest. I might say that, this was an experience that gave us an incredible, crazy experience when I crossed various waterfalls, rivers, and hanging bridges, with exposure to cold jungle.

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