What happened to the Manga stream?

Manga Stream

There has been no official report from Manga stream or their small-sized staff about the Mangastream site’s immediate shutdown.

However, folks at Reddit did a few digging to find the stepping stone of this abrupt shutdown. Earlier this year, Sheishua, the writer of WSJ manga, subpoenaed Cloudflare in a US court, asking for details of the Mangastream owner. These led to theory over the chain of events that may have led to the close by of Mangastream.

Alternatives for Mangastream

Manga stream is one of the most famous manga-translation websites that has gone off the Internet this week.

The Twitter and Facebook handle of the famous online manga comics site has disappeared, and their new domain name returns a blank page with the error “IP address not found.” The response to the news was clamoring in distress in the online world.

Shutting down manga is a considerable loss for manga lovers, but they need not be worried. Just as any pirated site is blocked, its mangastream alternative are always there. The same is with mangas. There are multiple alternatives for this site that are legal. So, any manga lover can enjoy this Japanese art from the following locations.

  1. Mangadex

Mangadex is an updated alternative to mangas. It comes with alternative fan-made endings, different colored versions, and even official crossovers, adding excitement to manga lovers. It also provides forums for comic discussion.


This alternative provides manga comics in 3 different languages. The 200 various mangas are available in one place.


This ad-free alternative for mangas comes with a limited range of manga comics, but it continues to update regularly. It also comes with some animated tv shows.

This site comes with a convenient interface. You can bookmark your favorite manga on this site and then can read it at any time.


As the name suggests, toon. Get provides animated cartoons and manga comics both on one site. It has an extensive collection of manga comics which continue to be updated daily.


It is a premium look manga alternative that is free. It has an extensive collection of mangas and comes with a wide variety of mangas, i.e., Chinese, American and Korean, etc.


This alternative comes with a convenient interface and a history section. On this site, all manga comics take place arranged with different genres.


This alternative is famous for its vast collection of manga comics. There are 40 plus genres of manga comics. You can save any comic by just clicking on the picture and then saving it.


The difference in manga comes with customer support. Here you can provide feedback on this website. It has more than 1 lac collection of manga comics. This site also provides notifications for new chapters whenever the site is updated.


This ad-free alternative for manga is trendy among manga lovers because of its vast collection. Folks can enjoy an extensive collection of manga comics without getting disrupted by ads.

11.Manga go

Manga goes the best alternative for manga. It comes with a convenient interface and a vast collection of manga comics. It also comes with cartoons, including Astro Boy, Dragon Ball, One-piece, and many more.  If you want variety, then manga goes the best to go.


Bookwalter is a manga comic and novel site. It provides a vast collection of various categories.  You can access many different manageable sections like Simulpub release, on sale, pre-order, animated series, team for all those series, etc., from this site.


This alternative comes with a surprise button that chooses manga comics to read whenever you click this button.  It provides various genres to surf like adventure, action, mystery, thriller, and many more manga comics.

Other famous alternative sites for manga stream include










These sites are famous for their vast collection of manga lovers and friendly user interface.


Manga stream was a popular website among manga comic lovers. Due to its popularity and massive database, millions of manga lovers were engaging in this site. As this site is blocked, you can also look for other alternatives that provide an extensive collection of manga comics.

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