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Parallel Kitchen Design Ideas for a great cooking experience


Kitchen- a utility room that is no less than where the heart of people staying in the home lives. Food connects us together, uplifts our mood, and what not? Some love baking, some love cooking Indian. Some are professionals and some do it for their loved ones. This iis why it is essential to get the kitchen setup right. So, because we understand that it can be a little daunting for you, here we have a guide for you to get some inspiration. Let’s us get to the point straight up the only kitchen setup that works well for all kitchen room sizes is parallel kitchen design. It  has a separate space for kitchen and for stove and maple space for storage as well.

Here’s why you should choose a parallel kitchen design…

1.Parallel kitchens take less space and work especially well for when you have limited space

2.The counter tops and cabinets use lesser material and the overall design cost turns out to be low because of the same.

3.It is the best for person to cook in kitchen or at max two so you can do the chores with comfort as there would be less and less of footfall.

4.When you add storage options on either sides on the walls you get maximum space to store and organise

5.It helps you strike the golden triangle rule perfectly

Below we share with you some design inspiration for the parallel kitchen design. Take a look!

1. Sleek design with a color pop

This type of design will look grandeur. Storages will allow to move easily and give you plenty of the floor space.

2. Island can be a good addition

This peninsula look brings out a different look. This has open shelves and looks light. The prep counter can also be used as a breakfast counter when cooking!

3. Switch to L-shaped if you like

You get an airy feel when you don’t add few wall cabinets, the parallel kitchen design looks more spacious this way. What you can do to achieve this is to use the space in l-shape.

4. Choose vastu approved colors

Tangerine is considered great on vastu and looks great as well. It is not just easy to cook and grab food when you are in hurry. But the parallel kitchen design also ensures you have proper space to walk briskly as you are in the kitchen.

5. Go for handle-less look

Use nice tones of blue and pick this offbeat style. This can give a spring like feel. All you need to do is take a mix of open and frosted glass shutters to create a look that is in sync and balance.

6. Use a white parallel kitchen design

The white kitchen can surely be a little too hard to keep all white but with proper cleaning, this will be the most stunning design for your kitchen to pick. No matter what the theme of entire house would be, this will go!

Hope you liked the aforementioned ideas. Happy Designing!

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